ARC Technology


ARC Technology Co., Ltd

Since 1996, ARC have been at the forefront of developing wireless smart home automation solutions for the home. Built on a foundation of a solid technical management team, ARC have an enviable reputation and vast experience as one of the leading worldwide developers of wireless controlled systems.

Over 20 Years of R&D Expertise

Our talented R&D engineers are computer-technology specialists and have over 20 years of experience in the wireless remote control field. They continually develop new products to meet the demands of new or existing markets. It usually takes five months to develop a new product and a minimum of 15 new products are unveiled per year. In fact, we reinvest $400,000 every year in R&D and develop 15 new models annually. ARC pride itself in offering high quality, reliable products, utilizing the latest technology to ensure high functionality within all of our devices. We recognize that the forever-changing market conditions and rapid growth in the “Smart Home Automation” sector, require cost effective manufacturing solutions.

All The Certifications You Need

All of our products are compliant with CE, LVD, EMC, R&TTE, RED, RoHS and REACH standards. Moreover, each piece is quality-tested at MIL-STD-105, and major 0.65 and minor 2.5 AQLs before leaving our factory. Our inspection process is conducted by our in-house QC team, which consists of engineers, technicians, trade inspectors and our well-trained production staff. These experts utilize devices such as ICTs, automatic PCB testers, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, frequency counters and multi-meters imported from Japan and Taiwan, ensuring that the products we manufacture are free of defects.

Major Sales Market

Germany / France / Holland / United Kingdom / Australia / Scandinavia