ARC Technology



Compact wireless battery operated BLE converter enables you to control from any Smartphone / tablets via Bluetooth and converts into 433Mhz RF to control ARC Home Automation System. Simple App set up to manage up to 64 individual devices, create 16 timers, sharing configurations to unlimited Smartphone and control unlimited BLE converter within one app.

Main features; • Free standing on table • BLE 5.0 & 433MHz • 1.5V (AAA) alkaline battery *2 • Red LED indicator • Create timer features straight from the App. • Control individual device via App. (On/Off/Dimmer/Open/Close) • Consists 16 set of timers. • Each timer can store up to 8 devices and each device can set different status. • Maximum 64 devices can be stored within one smart timer BLE. • Timer based on weekly repeat setup. • Replacement of TMT-918. • OTA software update feature

Why via app? 1. User friendly interface and easy to set up. 2. Manage or change timer setting anytime. 3. Control multiple timer BLE converter with one app. Cloud Support? Yes, user data settings will be backed up onto Amazon Web Service (AWS) free of charge.