ARC Technology



WiFi Home Center is designed to place in your home that allows you to connect all your smart devices into a single app and get total control of your home. Remote access allows you to access the system and connected devices away from home. Schedule lights to go on and off and even dim to fit daily or weekly routine. Automate your home via WiFi / 433MHz / 866MHz All-in-one.

Voice control via Alexa and Siri. All control takes place locally within the Home Center or externally with internet while you are out. Both iOS and Android app let you keep track of your home at all times. Support for over the air updates. Set timers or scene based on your everyday life via the app. Can switch in-between door chime mode or trigger alert mode. Plugs into any regular electrical wall outlet. Easy set up connection via app. Blue LED indicator. 6 selectable ringtones. High – Medium – Low volume. Mute mode with blue flashing strobe light effect. Battery low indication.

Input Rating: 230V~50Hz Radio Frequency: 2.4GHz / 433 MHz / 868 MHz Power Consumption: <1W Environment Temperature: 0-40 ºC Speaker Decibel: 76dB Max.